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Heero's Lair


Roxy: Heero, how are you dealing with the horror of... Relena?
Heero: EEEK!!! Where?
Roxy: No, she's not HERE Heero. I just want to know how you're dealing with her.
Heero: Relena is bad. Very bad. Very, very bad.
Roxy: We already know that. But how are you dealing with her?
Heero: ::whimpers::
Mana: ::pats head:: Poor baby.
Roxy: ... Heero... ::sighs:: Oh, well. Maybe Mana will be able to get him to talk.

Roxy: Heero, why do you look like you have a hangover in this picture?
Heero: Somebody took a picture of me when I woke up in your backyard after the Christmas Party.
Mana: ::whistles innocently, hiding her camera::
Roxy: How much eggnog did you drink?
Heero: I didn't have any eggnog. I just had some apple cider.
Roxy: ::snickers:: Did you wake up with some one in your arms? Tee Hee!
Heero: ::blushes:: Weeelllll.......
Mana: ::blushes and smacks head:: HEERO!!!
Wai! Ferret!
Mana: Awww! How cute!! Oh! Um, ok, Heero let's talk about this pic-
Heero: Ack! Where'd you get that?!
Quatre: Awww!
Duo: Ha! I knew it! Heero does have a personality!!
Heero: Omae o korosu!!
Duo: But it's sooo cute!!
Trowa: Are you sure it isn't a giant sewer rat?
Wufei: Yeah, or some deranged dog?
Roxy: It's a ferret! ::clings to her Oniichan's legs::
Wufei: Wah! Let go, onna!
Mana: It doesn't matter what it is! It's cute!! Any way, I think it's a ferret, look at it's ears. {Heero is soooo cute there!!}
Heero: Ugh.... Wha.. Wait! ::voice gets dangerous:: Who took that picture?!?!
Duo: Not me!
Wufei: Wasn't me. Get off of my leg, ONNA!!
Roxy: I won't let go for all the tea in China! Oh, and it wasn't me.
Trowa: Nope, not me.
Mana: Uhh, not me!
Quatre: I didn't.
Heero: ::voice still dangerous:: Mana..?
Mana: But ... I ur um .... well you see..... I was ::looks around for an exit::
Duo: ::whispers:: Run Mana! Run!
Roxy: No! Gimme a hosey-back ride! I want an ice cream cone! Gimme! Now!
Wufei: LET GO! ::evil grin:: Hey, Heero, it was Roxy who took the picture.
Roxy: Eep!
Heero: Omae o korosu!
Roxy: EEEEYYYAAAAHHHH!!!! ::runs for her life::
Trowa: Poor kid.
Duo: Maybe she'll let me have her CD player....
Wufei: ::feels kinda bad for what he did:: ........
Mana: Thanks Wu-man, I owe you one.
Roxy: ::cowering in fear:: Help me... somebody... ::thinks of ways to kill Wufei::
Heero: ::slowly and menacingly advances, trusty spork in hand::
Wufei: Wait! Stop! I did it! I took the picture!
Duo&Quatre&Trowa&Mana: !!!!!
Wufei: Yes! It was I who took the picture!
Heero: ...........
Roxy: ::get all misty eyed:: Oh, Wufei, my Oniisama!
Heero: ...........
Wufei: ...........
Quatre: This is getting scary!
Heero: ..........
Wufei: ::scared gulp::
Roxy: ::stands up:: I know who did it!
Heero: ?
Quatre&Trowa&Duo&Wufei: ::gasps:: Who dunnit?
Mana: ::giving her the most evil glare in all history::
Roxy: It was ....
Quatre&Trowa&Duo&Wufei: ::leans forward::
Mana: ::keeps glaring::
Roxy: It was.. It was.. Relena!!
Quatre&Trowa&Duo&Wufei: Oooooohhh, ok!
Mana: ::falls over dead::
Heero: ..... Relena?
Roxy: Aren't you gonna do something?
Heero: I'm NOT goin near that... that... *thing*!!
Mana: You could mail her something,
Duo: Yheah! Like that thing I found under the refridgerator... or under the stove...
Quatre: ::snicker:: Yeah, tell her it's her birthday cake!
Trowa: ::smiles::
Duo: BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Good one, Quatre!!!
Roxy: ::looks up at Wufei with happy, wiggling anime eyes:: You... you... protected *me*! ::advancing slowly::
Wufei: ::gulps, backing away:: Uh oh!
Roxy: Wo ai ni, Oniisama! ::glomps::


Relena: OOOOO!!!!!! A birthday cake from Heero!!! ::opens box:: Uhmmm, he must have made it himself.... Oh well!! ::eats a slice::

Mana, 2-5, Roxy: !!!!!!!! ::falls over dead::
Duo: He... he's
Mana: .... *smiling*
Quatre: Well he DID just blow up an OZ base..
Heero: .....
Trowa: ::taps Duo on the shoulder, trying to inform him that Heero is approaching him::
Roxy: ::recovering:: WAI! Explosions!
Mana: ... I was switched at birth. Or she was.
Quatre: At least you don't have 29 *older* sisters.
Wufei: Quatre, do you know what it's like, having two insane, obsessed onnas for sisters?
Mana: ::turns around to clobber Wufei, but comes face to face with a dark and menacing Heero:: !!!
Heero: ::in eerie, calm voice:: Mana, tell me, where do you get these pictures?
Duo: Woah, his eye's twitching...
Roxy: :clings to Oniichan, scared::
Mana: Uhhh.... I found it?
Heero: Oh?
Mana: But... you're so KAWAII when you smile! ::gives him irresistable puppy eyes (Not even Wu-man can stand it!)::
Heero: ... Uhh... errr... eh.. ::throws his arms up in defeat:: Fine!
Mana: WAI! ::wraps herself around his neck::
Relena: ::appears over the horizon in her (shudder) pink limo:: Faster, Pagan! HEEEERRRROOOOOO!!!!!!!
Mana and Heero: ::freeze::
Mana: Maybe if we don't move, she won't see us.
Heero: ::nods:: Uh huh...
Roxy: ::stands off in a corner that just magically appeared, plotting::
Wufei: ::sweatdrops:: Onna-tachi no baka...
Duo: ::looks around for the nearest exit::
Relena: ::approaches:: HEEEEERRRRROOOOOO!!!!!!
Pagan: ::sweatdrops::
Heero and Mana: ::holding breath::
Relena: Where is... my Heero?
Everybody: ::sweatdrops::
Roxy: He's... uhh... In a desert very far away, where there's no water whatsoever and nobody has ever survived.
Relena: ::tilts her head:: Oh?
Heero and Mana: ::turning blue from lack of air::
Relena: ::looks down:: Oh, what a cute picture of Heero! And he's smiling because he's thinking of me!
Mana: ::Vein of Rage::
Heero and Mana: ::turning purple from lack of air::
Heero: ::looks ill::
Relena: ::presses it to her flat chest:: I think I'll just take this off your hands... ::giggles::
Duo: ::twitch::
Quatre: ::thinking:: That laugh... ::shudders::
Heero: HEY! Now wait just a minute there-!!
Relena: ::blinks in realization that Heero was there the entire time:: HEERRROO!!!!! ::glomps him::
Heero: GAH!
Mana: HEY! Get off of him, you reject from Hooters!
Relena: Who are *you*? ::narows her buggy eyes at her::
Mana: I am Mana Yuy, Heero's *fiance*.
Heero: ::pales::
Everybody else: .o
Quatre: ::smacks a hand to his cheek, a la Kasumi:: Oh, my!
Trowa: He didn't even tell us...
Duo: What? No bachelor party?
Roxy: Duo-chan, the bachelor party isn't until the night before the wedding.
Wufei: Hentai gaijin...
Duo: Oh, shut up! You would've gotten a nosebleed, anyways!
Wufei: !
Relena: ::staggers back in shock:: Heero... how... could you?
Heero: ....
Mana: Easy! 'Cuz he wuvs me!
Roxy: Methinks I shall be sick..
Duo: Ditto.
Relena: This is not over yet, you hussy! I shall claim Heero Yuy as my own! Drive, Pagan! ::they drive off into the sunset, all dramatic-like::
Quatre: Where did that sunset come from?
Trowa: ::shrugs::
Roxy: The prop guy did it.
Heero: ::stares::
Mana: ::stares::
Duo: We have a prop guy?
Roxy: Yeah. His name's Big Bubba Billy Joe Bob.
Wufei: ::sweatdrops and groans:: Stop hiring these drunken hicks!
Roxy: But they settle for such little money!
Big Bubba Billy Joe Bob: Duhh....
Roxy: ::gives BBBJB a cracker and pats his head:: You're such a good boy, Big Bubba Billy Joe Bob!
Big Bubba Billy Joe Bob: Duuhhhh...:)
Duo: Okaayy... ::turns to face Heero and Mana::
Heero: ::stares at Mana::
Mana: ::stares back::
Quatre: Their relationship is at the kindergarten level...
Duo: Yeah...
Trowa: You can say that again.
Heero: ::blinks out of trance:: ... Thank you.
Mana: ::also blinks out of trance:: You can repay me by letting me have this picture!
Heero: Hey!
Mana: ::heads for the hills::
Roxy: Everybody over the age of twelve is completely insane.
2-5: ???