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Random Insanity
This is where the miscellaneous insults belong.
Ok, I just thought of a few things about Relena, and I didn't have anywhere else to put them. More to come later!

My parody of the opening for "Ranma 1/2", made to fit Relena.
(Shine no Miko's note: I love the opening song for "Ranma 1/2!" It seemed so perfect for Relena, provided there was a word change! I didn't want to use a slow song. Heero's still having nightmares about dancing with Relena.)

Yappa paa, yappa paa -- why'd I scream for you?
My life is just a game -- it's nothing to you.
Yappa paa, yappa paa -- you think I will lose.
Who needs boys? I sure do--
They don't seem to care.

Before you, boys would run and scream
Heero, Heero -- you're to scared to move.
Since the day I saw you kill Dad
Heero, Heero you --
Make me feel stupid--
Don't you dare go and --
Run away from me.

Somebody tell me why it's so hard
For boys not to cry at my face?
If I let you get away this time
I'll cry because you--
Got away!

It makes you cry to see me sneeze;
You said my breath smells just like cheese.
Oh, please just hurry up and kill me!
You'd be better off if I died--
For today, I'll scream your name...
You just think I'm a nightmare.

Each and every time you see me,
Heero, Heero you --
Always run and scream.
Someday we may be together,
Heero, Heero you've
Gone and run away --
Can't I see that I've --
Made you run and scream.

Interesting things in Gundam Wing...
*Relena and Zechs. Can you see any resemblance between them? Zechs is cute, while Relena's as ugly as Jaken from "Inu-Yasha."

*Did Zechs drop Relena on her head when she was a baby? She's so stupid! It makes so much sense!

*Mr. Winner, Noin, and Trowa all have the same bangs! I know, it's not Relena-related, but it makes me wonder...

*Why does Dorothy keep her eyebrows like that? You could poke an eye out with them!

*How does Trowa keep his hair like that? It stays in place, even when wet!

*What shampoo does Duo use? How can he afford enough?