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Duo's Funland

Roxy: Duo-sama, what's your favorite color?
Duo: Black.
Roxy: Favorite food?
Duo: Pocky and ice cream! ^.^
Mana: Yummy!
Roxy: Favorite anime character ever? And no, you can't say yourself.
Duo: Hmm... Either Sailor Moon or Totoro.
Roxy: Wai! Totoro's my favorite, too! My Neighbor Totoro was the first anime I ever saw!
Duo: Me, too!
Roxy & Duo: Wai!! Wai!!
Mana: ::hits them both upside their heads:: On with the interview.
Roxy & Duo: Ow! Hai...
Roxy: What's your favorite song?
Duo: "Happy Birthday to me," from Cat Girl Nuku Nuku.
Roxy: Wai! I love that song!
Mana: Ahem!
Roxy: Right. Uh, where was I? Oh, yes, of course... What's your favorite thing to do?
Duo: Other than pilot Deathscythe?
Roxy: Hai.
Duo: I like to Relena-bash.
Mana: That's fun!
Duo: I also like to sit on the couch, eat popcorn, and watch TV.
Roxy: ::holds up a bag of popcorn that magically came out of nowhere::
Duo: Wai!
Mana: Ugh! I don't like popcorn...
Duo: Well you're just wierd!
Mana: Am not!
Duo: Are too!
Mana: Am not!
Duo: Are too!
Roxy: ::whacks them both upside the head with her "Frying Pan of Justice"tm::
Wufei: ::pats her head:: You have learned well, O young disciple.
Roxy: ::beams::

Duo-sama and stats
Roxy: Duo-sama?
Duo: Hai?
Roxy: Why are you sniffing your finger in the picture?
Duo: I was not sniffing my finger! I was sniffing the perfume the sales lady sprayed on my finger!
Roxy: Sure...
Duo: I was!
Roxy: Well, anyways, according to this picture, you're 5'10" and you weigh 94.6 pounds. I did the math myself! ^.^ But how can you be that tall and only weigh 94.6 pounds? I'm 5'2" and I weigh that much!
Duo: I get alot of exercise. ^.~
Roxy: ::sniffles::
Duo: ::gives her a cookie::
Mana: ::whispers:: That's just gonna make her fatter.
Duo: ::whispers:: It's low fat.
Mana: Oh.
Roxy: Wai! Well, anyways, I had to use a tape measurer to convert your height. If I had paid attention to what they taught us in school, you would be 40 feet tall!
Duo: DeathScythe's 40 feet tall, but I'm not.
Roxy: Still, it's not fair that you're so tall! Somebody said you were my height, then another person said you were Mana's height, and then this picture... It's all so confusing! ::eats her cookie and sulks::
Duo: Oh! How much does Mana weigh?
Mana: None of your damn business!!!

Cheese Nips?
Roxy: Duo!!!!!!
Duo: Hai?
Roxy: I want some Cheese Nips!
Duo: Why...?
Roxy: Because!
Duo: Have you been listening to "Just Communications" over and over again?
Roxy: Maybe...
Duo: ::sighs::
Roxy: I'll give you if you go down to the store and buy me some Cheese Nips!
Duo: No way! Didn't you hear? Relena got a job there!
Duo: Not for all the tea in China!
Wufei: Get them yourself, onna!
Roxy: No way! I'm not going out in the snow!
Wufei: Weakling!
Roxy: I am NOT a weaking! ::knees him in a very tender area::
Wufei: ::in a high, squeaky, pained voice:: Baka onna!
Duo: Eep!
Roxy: Wufei, go get me some Cheese Nips!
Wufei: ::still in a high, squeaky, pained voice:: Not after what you did to me, onna!
Roxy: Get me some Cheese Nips or I'll do it again!
Duo: Roxy-chan, why do you even want Cheese Nips?
Roxy: The commercials have gotten to me.
Duo: Ohhh....
Roxy: Trowa!
Trowa: ...?
Roxy: Trowa-sama, go get me some Cheese Nips!
Trowa: ::whispers to Duo:: What are Cheese Nips?
Duo: ::whispers back:: Little crackers that taste strongly of cheese. How could you not know what they are?
Trowa: ::whispers back:: I read Roxy's manga instead of watching TV.
Roxy: Well?
Trowa: ...
Roxy: Heero! Get me some Cheese Nips!
Heero: Nuh-uh! Relena works at the store you want me to go to!
Roxy: Wuss!
Heero: ...
Roxy: Quatre! Please get me some Cheese Nips!
Quatre: Why do you want them?
Roxy: Because I'm hungry and I've got a craving for artificial cheese.
Quatre: Eeew... artificial cheese...
Roxy: I blame society.
H,T&Q: ........
Wufei: ::still very red in the face::
Duo: Roxy...
Roxy: Hai?
Duo: This section was supposed to be used to give information about me.
Roxy: We can change it later, no da!
Wufei: ::passes out from pain::
Roxy: By the way, I'v got a new nickname!
1-4: ?
Roxy: Ni-ju!
1-4: ???
Roxy: I found out that the whole version of my name, Roxanne, means "twenty." "Ni-ju" is Japanese for twenty.
Duo: We don't have to call you Ni-ju, do we?
Roxy: ::thinks for a minute:: Nope!
1-4: ::sigh of relief::
Duo: By the way, people, please participate in the poll. So far, the only people who have voted are Roxy and Mana. We'd like to know which one of us is the most popular.
Roxy: ::elbows Quatre gently:: Don't forget the second announcement.
Quatre: Oh, yeah. Please send in the Valentine cards. If we want to have a contest, people have to participate in it.
Roxy: Good. Now get me some Cheese Nips!