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What you've been waiting for...

Run. Hide. Just don't miss the show.
Roxy: OI! Ta all yeh ungrateful bastards who didn't send in Valentines... JUST KIDDING! Please don't hurt me! We're putting the Gundam Pilots up so you can bid for dates! Tee hee hee!
1-5: NANI?????
Roxy: You heard me! Now let's hurry up with this!

The Auction!
(Battle of the fangirls, ne?)
Roxy: First up of our wonderful bachelors is...
Heero! Shall we start the bidding at five hundred?
Mana: HEY! I never said you could put him up for auction!
Roxy: But you never said I couldn't, so buh-bye! ::presses the trapdoor button::
Mana: AIEEEEEE........!!!!!!!! ::trails off as she falls::
Roxy: Now, who wants to date Heero Yuy?
Heero: ::dragged out on stage:: Omae o korosu!
Girls In The Audience: ::scream::
GITA #1: !
GITA #2: !
Roxy: g-
GITA #3: ::actually Relena, but badly disguised:: !
Roxy: ::sweatdrops:: You're going the wrong way...
GITA #1: $1,000!
Roxy: $1,000. Going once, going twice. SOLD!
Other GITA's: Aww....
Heero: ::reluctantly dragged off the stage::
Roxy: Now, we have Duo! Let's start at-
Hilde: $1,000!
Jen: ,000!
Roxy: Anybody for ,100?
GITA: ::look through their purses desperately::
Roxy: ,000. Going once. Going twice. SOLD!
Duo: Hooray! ::hops off of the stage::
Roxy: Trowa's turn! Hey, wait! Trowa's MINE!
Trowa: ::peeks out from behind the curtain::
GITA #2: $1,000!
Roxy: $1,100! Goingonegoingtwice. SOLD! To me!
GITA's: Hey! No fair! Meanie!
Roxy: Here we have Quatre!
Quatre: ::walks out onto the stage, smiling nervously::
GITA #4: $1,000!
Dorothy: ,000!
Deanna: ,500!
Dorothy: ::glares:: ,000!
Quatre: ::secretly slips Deanna some money, remembering his eyeborw-induced accidents::
Deanna: ,000!
Roxy: Going once! Going twice! Sold!
Dorothy: ::sulks::
Quatre: leaves the stage::
Wufei: ::storms out onto stage, mumbling:: Insane onna...
Roxy: Here we h-
GITA #5: $1,000,000!
GITA #4: $1,500,000!
GITA #2: ,000,000!
Clio: ::holds up a bundle of money she "borrowed" from some people:: ,000,000!
Roxy: Going once!
GITA's: ::glare::
Roxy: Going twice!
GITA's: ::continue to glare::
Roxy: SOLD! That's the end of our auction! ::runs off to get ready for her date and collect her pay::

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The Post-Auction Big Date...

GITA #1: ::pulls off her hair and reveals herself to be Mana:: Hooray! Heero is mine!
Heero: ::sweatdrops, but smiles slightly.
Jen: ::hugs on Duo's arm:: Where should we go first?
Duo: The Cheese Nips facotry tour!
Jen: ::sweatdrops::
Roxy: ::doing her best to hold onto Trowa's arm, despite being so short::
Trowa: ...
Quatre: ::sitting at a table at a fancy resteraunt, across from Deanna::
Deanna: ::lost in her happiness:: <3
Wufei: Baka onnas... I'm gonna get my revenge on Roxy...
Clio: ::whaps his head:: Shut up and watch the movie!
Wufei: ::cowers:: Yes, ma'am!