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Interview with Wufei...
(Reporter's Note: I call Wufei "Oniichan," which is the affectionate term for "older brother." I call him this because it annoyed him at first. Clio is a certain RP Wufei's... ::tries to think of a term:: beloved! This is all RP based.)
Me: Oniichan, how much do you dislike Relena? ::has an adorably evil smile on her face::
Wufei: I dislike her intensely. She is a stupid, weak onna.
Clio: ::nods in agreement::
Me: ::nodnod::
Wufei: She is WEAK... and the weak should not fight because they are undeserving and they take the STRONG away from the TRULY JUST causes! Like Relena distracting Heero from his missions... our missions... Relena, while she may be just, is only justified by the actions of the STRONG around her... In short, she's just a sniveling, whiny little onna that needs to go home and knit... not rule the world. Leave that to those who really deserve it. Like Zechs. Or Treize. ::pauses, thinking about Treize for a moment::
Me: ::nods as he talks::
Clio: ::clears throat::
Wufei: ::jerks back awake:: A-ano... like I was saying...
Clio: You were thinking about Treize again, weren't you?
Wufei: Of course not, woman!
Clio: ... ::BAM!::
Wufei: ...ow...