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Trowa's Section

Roxy: Trowa, what's your favorite color?
Trowa: Green.
Roxy: Favorite food?
Trowa: Rice.
Roxy: Favorite anime character?
Trowa: Mitsukake.
Roxy: ... You sure are Mr. Personality...
Mana: Eh heh.

Bad hair day?
Roxy: Why do you look so funny in this picture?
Trowa: I woke up in your garage after the Christmas Party. It seems I had slept on my hair funny.
Roxy: I don't remember our garage being that big.
Trowa: I think I hired somebody to do something to it while I was still drunk.
Roxy: At least it's clean.
Mana: And no piles of dead mice!
Roxy: Eeewwwww!!
Mana: Hey! At least you didn't step in one! Barefoot!!
Trowa & Roxy: Double EEEEWWWW!!!

On a simple first note, we have to dance around happily, singing for joy. Why? BECAUSE WE CAN UPDATE AGAIN! Oh, sure, the homepage is kinda off-limits, because of some server problem, but WE CAN UPDATE! Wai! Wai! ::they both dance around like they've "gotz antz in dem pantz"::
More later!