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We know when we're unwanted...
Just kidding. You've probably looked through the whole site and wanna go sompelace else. Well, I have alot of sites bookmarked, including some good Relena Hate-Shrines. Have fun, and remember, death to the evil one! ^.~

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Hi! I'm Chibi Wufei.
I was adopted by Roxy
and I am honor bound to
watch over her site.
Am I serving her justice?

Adopted at
Dragon Tears

approved by heero!

Lindsay and Molly's Anti-Relena Page This place is great! You gotta visit!
Lindsay's Anti-Sakuya Page Ryoko was meant to be with Tenchi. Sakuya was meant to be burned at the stake.
Artistic Anime A friend of mine's site. Very good! She has music in RealMedia.
Anime RealPlayer RealmTons of music in RealMedia. I recommend it!

Relena's Shattered KingdomA wonderful Anti-Relena place.
Our OFFICIAL fanfic pageThis is the place where we're gonna keep alot of our own fanfics. You're welcome to submit some!
Evil People!Since the banners are all .art files, we can't use them, but we can link!
The Tale of Neko Wufei Tee hee hee! Neko Oniichan!