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Roxy: Quatre-kun, what's your favorite color?
Quatre: Khaki and pink.
Roxy: ::falls over, laughing::
Quatre: What's so funny?
Roxy: Your favorite color is PINK!
Quatre: You have to remember that I have 29 sisters.
Roxy: Yeah... ::manages to JUST snicker::
Quatre: ....
Roxy: What's your favorite food?
Quatre: Chocolate.
Roxy: ....
Quatre: What?
Roxy: Nothing....
Quatre: ....
Roxy: Who's your favorite anime character?
Quatre: Sailor Mercury.
Roxy: Somebody's digging the short skirt....
Quatre: You're starting to act like Duo.
Roxy: ...
Mana: Wha! You like girls!? O_o
Roxy: Wak! No! No! No!
Mana: That explains those panties....
Quatre: O_o
Roxy: He was JUST calling me hentai! Those panties were my own! ::blush::
Mana: Hoo! Somebody's into S & M!
Quatre: .. Sailor...Moon...?
Mana: ::falls over:: Eh heh heh.. yhea... Sailor Moon..
Roxy: So I wear Sailor Moon underwear. It's nothing to be ashamed of! And besides, who said YOU could talk about my underwear, Mana?!?!?! ::pulls the kitchen sink out of the wall and throws it at her head::
Mana: EEKK!! Run Quatre!! RUN!!!
Quatre: WHAAA!!!
Duo: ::pops up behind Roxy out of nowhere:: I know what kind of panties you wear! Tee hee hee!
Roxy: HENTAI! ::swings her fist at his head::
Duo: ::ducks:: Missed me! ::runs around, leaving a trail of Sailor Moon panties::
Mana & Quatre: -_-;;

It's true...
Roxy: It's true what they said at that place!
Quatre: What's true?
Roxy: You pose like a ballerina!
Quatre: But... that's how I always pose!
Roxy: WAAH! ::points at the picture and laughs::
Quatre: What now?
Roxy: You... you've got... ::laughs::
Quatre: I've got what?!?!?!
Roxy: You've got boobs!
Quatre: I do not! They're muscles!
Trowa: Quatre, is there something you want to tell us?
Quatre: They're not boobs!! They're muscles!!!!
Roxy: No, Trowa has muscles. You have boobs.
Quatre: ....
Mana: You wanna borrow one of my bras? If you're not carful they will start to sag, no matter how big or small they might be.
Duo: ::nod nod:: Yep, she's right ya know.
Mana: And how would YOU know??
Duo: Well you see there was this gir... eh? EEEEK!! Run!!!
Mana: Die!! Pervert!!! ::has a spork in hands::
Roxy: Uh.... shows over folks..
Mana: Die Duo! Die!!!
Roxy: Eh um Bye-bye!!
New and Improved!
New and Improved!

By Roxy

(Author's Note: I wrote this because I get similar junkmail all the time, despite being a girl.)

One day, Quatre went to check his email. He hadn't checked in in awhile, so he had alot.
"Junk... junk... junk..." he said, as he deleted them.
He casually sipped his tea, an air of calm around him.
"Hmm? What's this?" he said, seeing a new junkmail sender.
His eyes went over to the subject of the email.
"Enlarge your penis?!?!?!?!" he yelled in shock, his face turning bright red as he spit out his tea in surprise.

**** The next morning.... ****

Duo walked into the room where Quatre kept his computer. He hadn't seen him since the day before, so he had gone to look for him.
"Quatre! What happened to you?" he exclaimed, upon seeing the blonde boy under the computer desk, twitching.
"Junk mail... Lots of hentai junkmail..."

****************The End****************