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Objective Views... Maybe.
Relena's stats, bio, etc. Try not to puke.
Name: Relena Peacecraft, alias Relena Darlian
Age: 15
Ethnic Origin: Northern European
Height: 154 cm (5' 1" She's shorter than me!)
Weight: 38 kg (?lbs I'd be sooooo grateful if you told me how that translates into pounds!)
Hair Color: Some people say it's light brown. MY hair is light brown. HER hair is dishwater blonde!
Eye Color: Some people say it's violet. Duo's eyes are violet. Her eyes are hazel.
Notes: Relena was raised to believe that she was a normal, yet wealthy girl. When her father was assassinated, he told her that she was really Relena Peacecraft, Princess of the fallen Sank Kingdom. She went on to revive the Sank Kingdom.
The Romafeller Foundation disagreed with the Sank Kingdom's ideals of total pacifism and attacked. Relena was taken prisoner (sort of) and asked to be Queen of the World (Why didn't they choose ME?). She accepted (NOOOOOOO!!!!).
Treize takes her place (because she does such an awful job...) and she leaves for space to search for Zechs and Heero.

Roxy: ::Pops up, trying to hide thousands of empty pixy stix wrappers behind her back:: Even though this has virtually nothing to do with Relena, we're gonna talk about our trip to Chicago for ACen!
Mana: YAY! We have picture of 400-pound Sailor Moon wannabes!
Duo: You have no idea how disgusting an image pops into my head...
Mana: You didn't have to stand in line next to Sailor Sumo for four hours!
Roxy: I saw a Relena!
Everybody: ::GASP!::
Quatre: Was she fat?
Roxy: No, but she was flat-chested!
Wufei: What an accurate costume!
Trowa: Was anyone dressed as us there?
Mana: Hai! We saw a Trowa, even though his hair was lipm, it was still pretty good. There were a lot of Duo's! And a Heero or two!
Roxy: I saw a Taikoubou and a Gene Starwind and a really fat Xellos!
Mana: I ran into him - literally! He conked me with his staff! It was really realistic!
Heero: Is that what started your Xellos obsession?
Mana: *.* Xellos-sama! He's so cool an' evil an' GENKI!
Duo: Like me! ^^
Roxy: I saw Taikoubou twice! It was a great costume! I wanted to chase him down and make him tell me where he got the stuff for it, but I didn't see him again. Same thing with Gene. HOW COME I SAW NO JIM HAWKING?!
Wufei: Great, now she's on a pixy stix high and ranting about Jim again...
Roxy: BRING ME MY SHIDO, BOY! ::giggles insanely like Rurubell::
Xellos: ::pops up:: Somebody call? ^^
Mana: WAI!
Heero: Who the hell is this freak?
Xellos: Why me, of course! ^^
Quatre: My name is Quatre Rebarba Winner. I'm pleased to meet you! ^^
Xellos: The pleasure's all mine. ::Opens his eyes, giving Quatre the willies::
Quatre: ::Willies::
Trowa: How come you're floating? o.o
Xellos: Sore wa himitsu desu! ^^
Wufei: What the hell kind of an answer was that?!
Xellos: Sore wa himitsu desu! ^^
Mana: ^^ Hee hee!
Roxy: Where's the rest of the Slayers cast?
Xellos: Mardi Gras.
Xellos: ^^; Really, now?
Roxy: I wanna get drunk and dance on the tables and flash everybody and sing!
Duo: ::points at Mana:: I though you wanted to be a juggie...
Heero: NANI?!
Mana: Heh heh... I was joking, no da! ^^;
Xellos: ::ponder:: You know, Heero, was it? You sound a lot like a good friend of mine...
Heero: Really, now? ::dark glare:: What was his name?
Xellos: Sore wa himitsu desu! ^^
Mana: What's he look like?
Xellos: He's blue. ^^
Trowa: Blue? .o;
Xellos: And he has pebbles on his skin! ^^
Quatre: ::Willies::
Wufei: Pebbles...?
Xellos: ::nodnodnod:: ^^
Roxy: ::gulping a bottle of sake:: *hic* Goo-ah!
Duo: She's sloshed...
Everybody: .o;;
Heero: What a weirdo...
Xellos: Are you talking to me? ^^
Roxy: TO THE CLOSET, MY GOOD MAN! ::points out a window dramatically::
Everybody: -.-;
Mana: We're not related! I was adopted, I tell you!
Heero: Thank kami...
Xellos: You mean L-sama! ^^