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Rant and Rave!

Your thoughts...
Tell us, why do YOU hate Relena? How do YOU imagine killing her? Please send us your thoughts! We Anti-Relenas must stick together! Death to the evil one!

  Why do you hate Relena (other than the obvious)?
1. She's so mean to Duo! Why doesn't he kill her! He's Shinigami, for crying out loud!
2. Her ideas of pacifism are pretty, but unreal.
3. She's a whiny little brat.
4. She drives a pink limo. A PINK LIMO!
5. Her bangs. I hate her too-short bangs! I don't like bangs like that! In my opinion, your bangs should ALWAYS go down past your eyebrows, at least!
6. Her annoying voice. Whenever I hear it, I get the urge to rip her throat out and roast it over an open fire!
7. She got to be Queen of the World for a little while. I wanted that job! I would've done a better, job, too! I would've declared war on DiC, FUNimation, and Pioneer.

Relena's getting a bit big for her hair-cutting bowl...
  How would you kill Relena?
1. Steal Heero's gun and shoot her while she stepped out onto the balcony for her daily scream!
2. Grab her by the hair and drag her to the nearest body of water. Tie her to a piece of metal and throw her in!
3. Pay Dorothy to plant a bomb in her limo.
4. If I got the chance to kill her, I'd do it slowly and painfully. First, I'd make her listen to Tamahome's dubbed voice (How does Midorikawa Hikaru's wonderful voice end up sounding like Kermit the Frog? By the way, He's also Heero's seiyuu.) until her eardrums explode. Next, I'd make her watched dubbed Sailor Moon (Haruka and Michiru as cousins? That's just SICK! And how dare they name Setsuna "Trista"?!?!?!) until her eyes popped out. After that, I'd cut her fingers and toes off, one by one. Then, I'd make little cuts all over her stomach. To add to her pain, I'd pour rubbing alcohal mixed with aftershave all over her.
5. I'd beat her to death with my wooden sword. (Mama won't let me get a real one yet. She's afraid I'll do something not-nice.)
6. Shove her in the blender. (We don't have a garbage disposal any more.)
7. Make her look in a mirror.
8. Make her listen to her own voice.
9. Tell her the truth: Heero hate her, she's ugly, she's annoying, and pink is ugly. Then I'd laugh as she jumped off a cliff in despair. Afterwards, I'd do my happy little dance on her grave.
10. Strap her to the front of a train headed for New York right before it leaves.

Poor Wu-man has a crease through his head!
  What horrible things has Relena done (other than cause war)?
1. Shattered our eardrums on a daily basis! He's out in space, Relena! He can't hear you!
2. Kept Heero from his true love, Duo.
3. Drove Zechs insane.
4. Exist.
5. Stalked Heero. He's still having nightmares.