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Relena Hate-Shrine No. 4657 A.K.A. The Rhino's Revenge

Welcome to one of the many shrines of hatred towards the rhino-abusing princess of the S(k)ank Kingdom, Relena!

Welcome! We've finally gotten around to updating! This site is maintained by Shine No Miko (Me, the younger sister) and Mana (Her, the older sister). We have so many reason to hate Relena, as we're sure you do, too! Here's a guide:
*Home Page: A little introduction to our shrine.
*Fanfiction: Please send some in!
*Rant and Rave: Why we hate Relena, ways to kill Relena, etc. Please send stuff in!
*Information: The place where I TRY to have an unbiased view of Relena. Basic info and junk like that.
*Random Insanity: I couldn't think of anywhere else to put these things.
*Tournament of Stupidity: I was watching dubbed anime (Toonami. We can't afford subtitled alot of the time...), and I was inspired by DBZ!
*Tabloids: The #1 choice of newspapers for Relena-haters everywhere!
*Heero's Lair: Heero's got his own section.
*Duo's Funhouse: Duo's got some room to have some fun...
*Trowa's Section: It's hard to write for Trowa.
*Quatre's Place: Poor Quatre-kun....
*Wufei's Realm: A Wufei fan friend of mine has agreed to write for us! Also, I interview Wufei Chang himself!
*Relena's Photo Album: We found some pictures in Relena's room...
*WYBWF: A page we update around each holiday or special occasion.
*Guest Book: Please sign our guestbook! Please!
*The Docks: Links to other good pages.

Disclaimer: We don't own Gundam Wing, any Gundam series, or any other anime! This site is purely for entertainment purposes, so please, don't sue!

Hurry up and start sending in Valentine Cards! The deadline is Valentine's Day (February 14th). Send a Valentine card to your favorite G-boy! We will tally them up, and tell you who won! Details are at WYBWF.

Some Kodak moments.....well sorta -_-;

SNM: Wai! ::glomps Wufei::
Wufei: Let go of me, onna!
Quatre: Wufei, who's this girl?
Wufei: I got stuck babysitting.
SNM: ::sitting on the floor, clinging to his legs:: Oniichan!
Wufei: Let go of me, now!
Quatre: I didn't know you had a little sister, Wufei. You don't really look alike.
Wufei: She's not my sister!
SNM: Yes I am!
Heero: What's going on?
Wufei: I'm stuck babysitting this little brat.
SNM: I am NOT a little brat!
Wufei & Mana: Yes you are!
SNM: Give me a piggy back ride or I'll tell Mana you called her a wuss!
Mana: WHAT!?!?
Wufei: Anything but that!
Quatre: Who's this Mana girl?
Mana: Me!
SNM: My Oneechan.
Wufei: Roxy's REAL sibling.
Heero: Who's Roxy?
SNM: I am!
Mana: ::glomps Heero:: Hee-chan!
Heero: Ack! Who're you?
Mana: Like I said, I'm Mana!
SNM: Oneechan!
Duo: Hey, what's going on?
Wufei: We're being overrun by onnas.
SNM: ::lets go of Wufei and runs over to Duo::
Wufei: Finally! Now the circulation is back in my feet.
Mana: ::smirks:: Not for long.
SNM: Duo-san! Duo-san! Can I have your autograph?
Duo: You want my autograph? Really?
SNM: ::nodnod::
Duo: OK. ^.^
SNM: ::hands him her autograph book and a pen::
Duo: What's your name?
SNM: Roxy.
Duo: ::signs her autograph book and hands it back to her::
SNM: Wai! Arigato!
Mana: ::glomp:: Duo-chan!
SNM: ::runs over to Quatre::
Quatre: Hmm?
SNM: Quatre-sama! ::hug::
Quatre: ::looks confused::
Trowa: What's going on?
Wufei: We're being overrun by onnas. To make it worse, hyper onnas who claim to be my little sisters. ::under his breath:: My legs hurt...
Mana: ::pats head:: Poor baby.
SNM: ::eyes widen::
Trowa: ...
SNM: ::glomps Trowa:: Trowa-sama! You're my favorite!
Mana: Mine too!
Heero: Hey! What about me!?
Trowa: ::blinks::
Mana: Aww! Don't worry! I still luv ya! ::kisses Heero on the cheek::
Heero: ::blushes::
Relena: HEEERRROOOO!!!!! Where are you?
Heero: AHHH!!! It's her! Hide me!
Mana: Don't worry! I'll protect you!!
SNM: ::puts an afro wig on Heero's head::
Relena: Hey, has anybody seen Heero?
Heero: ::says in groovy voice:: Nope.
Relena: Who are you? And who are these other girls?
SNM: I'm Roxy, that's Mana, and this is... uhh...
Mana: This is ..uh .. Hurko!
Heero/Hurko: Wha .. Hurko??
Relena: Hurko? What a strange name.
Mana: ::elbows Heero gently::
Heero: ::gets a fake hurt look on his face::
SNM: ::goes back to clinging to Wufei's legs::
Relena: By the way, what is this place?
SNM: A Hate-Shrine dedicated to you.
Relena: A shrine? For me?
SNM: No, a HATE-Shrine. It's because we hate you.
Relena: That's not a very nice thing to say.
SNM and Mana: Well, we're not very nice.
SNM: ::grabs a rope out of nowhere::
Mana: ::pulls a chair from her desk::
SNM and Mana: ::jumps on Relena, and ties her to the chair::
Relena: Hey! Let me go!
SNM: ::shoves a sock in Relena's mouth::
Relena: MMMMFFF!!!!!!
SNM: Well, now that she's taken care of, for now... ::once again goes back to clinging to her Oniichan::
Wufei: Let go of me! Now!
SNM: No! Gimme a piggy back ride!
Wufei: No!
SNM: Mana! Oniichan called you a wuss earlier!
Mana: WHAT!?!?!?!? ::background gets all dark and menacing::
Duo& Quatre: Eep!
Wufei: No I didn't! No I didn't! Don't hurt me! I'll give you a piggy back ride, just call her off!
SNM: Oh, wait, that was Relena.
Mana: ::turns to Relena::
Trowa: This is getting good.
Wufei: ::bends at his knees and waist a little bit::
SNM: Wai! ::climbs up on his back::
Wufei: ::stands up straight::
SNM: Run! Or I'll make you spend the day with Relena!
Wufei: ::runs, very fast::
SNM: Wheee!!!!!
Mana: ::takes out her pocket kinfe, advancing towards Relena:: Meet my little buddy, Relena! MWHAHAHAHA!!
Relena: MMMMRRRPPPPFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quatre: ::whispers to Duo:: If Wufei's afraid of them, they must be bad.
Duo: The little one's OK.
Trowa: You're just saying that because she's a fan.
Heero: They saved me from Relena, so they must be alright. ::pulls off the wig:: (Mana sure is cute tho...)
Mana: ::laughing cruelly as she hacks off Relena's hair::
Wufei: ::runs back into view, looking tired::
SNM: ::hops off her Oniichan's back::
SNM: Duo-sama?
Duo: Hai?
SNM: Can I brush your hair? Please?
Mana: Hey! I wanted to brush his hair!
Duo: ::Looks at Mana with her "little buddy", and Relena's hair in her hands:: Heh heh... Maybe later.
SNM: Wai! ::grab brushes out of nowhere::
Mana: ::sniff sniff:: I'm not THAT evil.
Heero: ::hugs her:: Poor baby.
SNM & Duo: Too much mushy stuff...
Duo: ::fakes gagging::
SNM: ::pulls out barf bucket (New Happy Smiley-face kind!)::
Trowa: Hmm... ::expirimentally grabs a pencil out of nowhere::
Quatre: Hey, useful trick.
Duo: ::grabs an ice cream cone out of nowhere::
Mana: Yummy!


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